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A few months ago I ventured into the world of blogging. My first site, Gotham Reformation (more on the name later), was an ill-timed venture. I was in the throws of completing a doctoral dissertation that was long, long overdue. Reformed Theological Seminary was beyond gracious in the extension of my project, so I felt an urgent responsibility to finish. If my memory serves me right, I published 4 or 5 posts (none of which were particularly noteworthy) and shut it down. It simply was not the right time.

Now that the dissertation is complete and approved (thank you Dr. Futato and Dr. Swain!), I have the time to write, share thoughts about faith and life, commend books, talk theology, highlight conversations, listen to sermons, and engage in thoughtful discussion. This is an exciting venture for me and I hope I am able to lend an added voice for the sake of the gospel.

There are a handful of blogs I read on a regular basis, such as Dr. Scott Redd, Dr. Al Mohler, Ligonier, and The Gospel Coalition. From time to time I may re-post a blog from another site to this one. These blogs are informative, thoughtful, and immensely helpful to me. Likewise, this is how I would like my blog to be viewed by anyone who reads it.

This blog is decidedly Reformed. I am creedal and confessional, passionate about scripture and theology, and believe church history has much to offer. You will be reading a lot about historic theologians such as Herman Bavinck, John Calvin, and Francis Turretin. The good news is that there are many capable Reformed voices today.

I believe that one of the most important Reformed voices today, particularly in the area of canon, belongs to Dr. Michael Kruger. Dr. Kruger, along with Dr. Charles Hill, has contributed much to the area of the integrity of scripture that cannot be neglected. Dr. Carl Truman is a theologian/historian who has dedicated much to the area of creeds and confessions. There are so many outstanding Reformed thinkers, preachers, writers, and theologians that there is an abundance of very helpful material. My hope is that this blog will be a conduit for Reformed thought.

Lastly, what is the deal with Gotham Reformation? No, I do not have a fascination with Batman but I do love cities. Gotham, as you may well know, is a nickname for New York City. Gotham’s connection with NYC actually predates Batman’s 1939 usage, but clearly the comic is what gave it notoriety. I am originally from Astoria, Queens. I attended NYC public schools, played in many of the parks, and grew up having to learn street smarts. My mode of transportation to and from school was the subway. I know how hard life can be in the city. Those experiences have never left me and continue to impact me. Though my ministry today is not in NYC, my current Gotham is Jacksonville. So wherever you live there is a culture, a Gotham, that impacts you.

This site is a work in progress so please check back often, post comments (please be nice), and feel free to follow!